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A Slow Burn, Well Worth It

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Nov 30, 2018: This story is definitely a strange one, but whether or not that constitutes itself as a bad thing is truly subjective in the end.

Plain and simple, it revolves around a woman named Olivia who awakens without her memory or any inkling of her past. She finds herself in the form of a scaly, dragon-lady, later referred to by the public at large as a feral. Feared by the populace, these monsters rank among more tradtional super-powered types, including one Skulker who possesses the power of teleportation and later teams up with Olivia in the most unlikely of alliances.

I think one of the strongest things I like about this story is its sheer mystery. So much of it is seldom explained, as bits and pieces of the world are revealed slowly but effectively. It’s sort of like a puzzle being assembled in front of the reader, one significant piece at a time.

At the same time, some readers might be thrown off by the sheer lack of exposition or explanations. They may feel less inclined to be invested in Olivia or Skulker knowing only so much about them.

As of right now, at the time of reading and being updated to the most recent posted chapter, I know very little about the world, beyond the fact that powers exist, it’s somewhat modern, and the Aztecs of Mexico have persisted to the modern day.

I can’t say I’m not interested, I most certainly am, but I find myself somewhat hard-pressed to recommend this story to anyone.

What characters it has are strong, and the concept is intriguing, but I still can’t help but wonder if it simply needs a little more in way of detail to cement the world further.

I recommend it only to those who can handle slow pacing and are patient. If you fall into those categories, you’ll find yourself well-rewarded with this particular tale.

Final score: 4/5

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