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Strange Indeed

By Sora, member

Aug 23, 2009: Summary: Addison is an ice hearted single mother living in the strange lab of Triptych. Shane is a hot headed alien half breed. They are both psychic, they both seem to hate each other, and now they are having a baby together.

Likes: This story is bizarre and I mean that in a good way. I started reading this story before it came up into the review queue here on the e-fiction book club. I enjoy this story because I feel that there is something sinister is going on in the background.The characters are inherently unlikable, but they are interesting to read about. Stories don’t always have to have likable characters, but if they are interesting, I’m more apt to read and continue reading. The scenes between the characters are odd, but entertaining. Shane and Addison have a love/hate relationship with each. If they weren’t having a baby together, they’d probably hate each other. It’s interesting to see how that dynamic comes into play and how it affects their relationship with their son, and Addison’s daughter. I can’t wait for the more sci-fi elements to come into play. That’s one of the reasons I keep reading.

Dislikes: I’d like a little more sci-fi and a little less romance. I’m not really a fan of romance and lovey dovey things, and thankfully the story isn’t filled with mushy sentimental moments. At this point though, these characters could just be any couple with an “oops, we’re pregnant moment.” It’s like if someone took the plot for “Knocked Up” and instead made them aliens and psychics. Not a bad things, but I’m just waiting for that sci-fi/paranormal aspect to the story to make it more unique.

Overall: I’m not exacrtly sure why I keep reading this story. It’s not a bad story, but like I said, it’s strange but entertaining. It’ll be interesting to see the more fantastical stuff come into play. It’s a good read if you like the two different people and the only thing in common between them is that they have a baby. It’s more interesting now that the baby is here. It’s only on the 7th chapter with varying parts so who knows where it’s going to go from here.

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