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A SUPER good time.

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Nov 20, 2018: With superheroes such a persistent genre these days, it becomes hard to define what is unique and what isn’t.

You do of course get some great stories that stand out of the crowd, but I’m not going to name them all here.

Instead, I’m focusing on what I consider one of the most unique of the genre, an exciting tale called SUPER!

The setup is simple but enjoyable. We’re introduced to a world at Dark Ages-level technology, but with one major key difference. Empowered people, known as Heroes and Villains, run amok, some defending people and their livelihood, others content to cause rampant death and destruction.

The story revolves around aspiring heroes Kiren and Lace, who first meet as children and bear witness to one of the most pivotal events in the constructed mythology of the series. It affects them both profoundly, providing excellent foreshadowing to their futures.

When come back to them years later when they’re young adults, the payoff is evident as we see them learning their powers and working towards becoming Heroes. From there, we follow the two of them in their trials and tribulations, against Villians and Beasts alike.

I think one of SUPER’s most standout qualities is its characters. Faces like Counter, Hulda, Bits and the infamous Hero Excelerate are both colorful and memorable. In a lot of ways, the author tells the story with a very anime-esque flair, and I find myself wanting to see it all animated in four color glory.

With that being said, this is a pretty violent story, with mature themes and some scenes that are not for those who are faint of heart. Kiren’s power in particular lends to this fact even further.

I would say pacing-wise, the story is fun and easy to follow, introducing new characters here and there but mostly focusing on Kiren and Lace. They serve as great foils to each other, but some might be turned off by elements of predictability in their character arcs, as well as some scenes of long exposition. I never minded this, but I can certainly see it as a detriment to some.

Overall, I would say SUPER’s strengths lie in its writing, which is simple yet engaging, as well as its unique take on superheroes in a fantasy-esque, medieval world.

It’s certainly worth a read, especially if you’ve grown tired of the more by the book superhero tales.

Final score: 4/5.

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