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Fun Superschool Series

By Annie, member

Aug 20, 2012: The Good: Nicely developed superhero world with some twists; Main Characters are interesting and grow more developed and complex throughout the serial

The Bad: Some pacing quibbles

The Lowdown: Super Powereds is an entertaining and highly readable addition to the superhero webserial collection, despite having a slow start. With some creative touches in the setting and characters, and with a solid (and steadily building!) plot, I’d say it’s definitely worth a look, especially if you’re searching for something featuring ye old extranormal institute, college drama, and/or young superheroes-in-training.

Having read all of Year One, and being about to start on Year Two, I thought I’d just shoot out a review for this serial. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from it: the prologue read somewhat stiff to me, and even from the description, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, especially from the characters. But once I got into the story, everything started picking up.

The premise of Super Powereds is fairly straightforward—aside from the normal folks without extranormal abilities, there are two classes of people: supers, and powereds. Supers can go through training to become heroes, but powereds—people who have abilities but can’t control them—are doomed to be outcasts. The series follows five former powereds (guinea pigs for an experimental program that hopes to be able to turn powereds into supers) as they enter a hero training program.

In any case, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with several of the characters, even the ones who seemed, at first, to be rather genric. The author is very good at adding in small details that give the world and the characters the depth they need to carry the plot. Overall, a satisfying and entertaining read.

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