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It keeps getting better

By EramosE, author of Kaiserin

Oct 17, 2013: This is the story of five powerds (people with powers that lack the ability to control such powers) that undergo an experimental procedure to become supers (people with powers and control over them). After the procedure they enlist in an university that teaches them how to become super heroes. Isn’t that interesting enough? The first year is very entertaining and takes you through the struggle of this previously outcasts as they try to hide the fact that they were powereds and try to fit into the world as supers. Second and Third (current year) takes them to new levels, as they have to keep getting better and stronger if they want to become superheroes. But the story is not just college kids with a touch of superheroes, as the story goes on you start uncovering a mistery that involves them, but how? why? is something we still have to find out. I strongly recommend it, one of my favorites readings.

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