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Consistently good, but rarely changes.

By Underwhelming Force, author of Sins of the Fathers

Mar 6, 2014: Super Powereds is set in a college full of interesting and compelling characters which drew me right in, set over the backdrop of a mysterious medical treatment allowing people to control formerly uncontrollable powers and the characters’ shadowy pasts. Each of the many characters is unique and interesting and develops in interesting ways as the story progresses. I highly recommend this one to almost anyone.

I do have a few minor quibbles. The pacing is really slow- there’s only usually one magor event per book (year), with a few minor conflicts to tide you over in-between. The main mystery of the characters’ past is given in tantalizingly small amounts that really test my patience, and some of the questions I had day one are still unanswered, sidelined by college social drama. The filler is interesting enough to keep me reading, but it still feels like filler sometimes.

One thing it is, it’s consistent. The pacing is steady, but not dramatic. The characters are reliable, but change slowly (they do develop nicely though. That’s not a problem.) The status quo rarely changes, and any major changes to said status are usually marginalized or quickly reversed (a character whose memory was erased gained it back awfully fast, an earth-shattering reveal was mostly met with shrugs and a return to daily life, despite what some characters seem to think. A character discovered an awesome new ability and then promptly stopped using it because his old way had always worked before- actually this happens a few times with several characters.) However, it’s also consistently interesting and consistently well-written. It’s never a slog, but it does start to drag on at points.

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