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The Long Superhuman Game

By Psycho Gecko, author of World Domination in Retrospect

Feb 17, 2014: This is a story for those who don’t mind doing a bit of waiting. It’s a once-monthly tale of Lex, a martial artist with a past and abilities bordering on superhuman. That’s okay, because she’s just gotten herself mixed up with a job at an agency that wants someone like her.

This story differs from conventional superhuman storytelling in a number of ways so far. If you go into it with high expectations of lots of action, exciting fight scenes, superheroes saving people all over the place, flashy godlike powers, and a hot romance mixed in . . . then you’re looking in the wrong place

There’s a lot of subtlety to it instead. The powers are easily mistaken for extremes in ordinary human abilities at first. Instead of a romance, you get budding friendships. The superheroics are drastically limited. None of that is a mistake, either. It all ties in to the intriguing mystery that gnaws at your brain, slowly building over time as Lex and her friendships develop over the course of the story. If that’s your cup of tea, then proceed to get snooty and British.

That said, the parts about abuse and bullying are blunt. They are some darker moments, and are integral in characters’ back stories, so don’t expect all of it to be a light read. That said, it’s not a story that wallows in darker feelings either.

Now, on to the weaker parts. What I said about waiting is something that can easily get to you. I enjoyed the story but found myself wondering at times when people were actually going to do something. There could also stand to be more worldbuilding. Around Chapter 19, there’s not as much that puts the story into context and gives an idea of the sort of world we’re dealing with. There are hints mentioned as the story goes on, so the world seems to be mostly normal aside from a few people with powers, some of which are just barely noticeable. Then we get a wham infodump that implies a bigger separation than we expected at first. It’s a bit sudden and jarring for a story that had been on a slow burn for more than a year at that point.

Those are the big criticisms I had of it. Reader beware. A few minor ones include a correspondence chapter that departs a from the story’s format, and an intense hunger for meat caused by reading about vegan meals.

If you don’t think you can stand a cast almost entirely made up of women, this isn’t your kind of story. Men don’t share in the development in this one.

I have enjoyed it so far, as I can be a sucker for a taunting mystery, but anyone who reads it should their cue from the update schedule and be patient.

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