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Enjoyable Genre Clash

By Whyknotzoidberg, author of Hotfoot

Nov 12, 2015: This serial fulfilled every expectation I had for it. Zombies, magic, and video game mechanics. In those three areas it excels, but really only in those three areas. The protagonist is likeable, competent and tough, but that is balanced out by his seemingly useless party. They highlight the strength of the protagonist, making me like him more, and in turn like them less, which makes me like him more, etc etc. They aren’t full Carol and Lori from the walking dead level dead weight, but I sometimes found myself wishing he would leave them behind and find more fun people to read about. Besides this weakness, the rest of the story is pretty solid. The action successfully mixes the feeling given off by classic RPGs like final fantasy or the elder scrolls with the brutal, close quarters brawls of the zombie genre. As of now, the villain development is coming along well, and the scope of the story is widening.

In short, don’t come for a zombie story, or a fantasy novel, since those parts of the story are weak in comparison to the other stories out there. Instead come for a well balance between the two helmed by a tough and capable protagonist, which is something that is unfortunately rare in many modern apocalypse novels.

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