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Clever heroes, bloody good action, and a premise tight as a drum.

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Jun 26, 2015: 4 out of 5 stars

The Good: I love a story with genuinely clever protagonists, and this is a story about a man’s cleverness first, and the superhuman powers his nanotech symbiote give him, second.

Both the protagonist and the symbiote have their own agendas and clever personalities, and they function as a team through tense and exciting conflicts.

The Bad: Early on, the dialogue is a bit stilted and the premise glib, but by the end of chapter one, and certainly by the end of Chapter 2, I was hooked hard. At times, some of the lucky coincidences and moments of cleverness by the protagonist strain credulity.

The Ugly: None to report. I’m six chapters in and haven’t noticed a single spelling or grammar error yet. If you can’t handle violence or gore, this might not be the story for you, though. There’s a rather clever (and well-executed) orgy of self-amputation that happens very early in the story, for in-story logical reasons. The gore isn’t dwelled upon, though.

Overall: This just made my must-read list. What a bloody hell of a fun read so far.

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