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Violent Fantasy Featuring a Powerful and Inhuman Protagonist

By Krako, member

Aug 16, 2016: A young girl is imprisoned alone in a dungeon and fights tooth, claw, and magic through levels of exponentially increasing difficulty and length, with new environments and demonic animals on every floor. As a result of her constant exposure to danger over a long period of isolation, the creature that emerges is violent, powerful, and completely innocent to the ways of society. Add to this the protagonist’s demonic status and the fact that the humans and majin of the world weren’t very racially tolerant in the first place, and you have friction.

The main character, although lacking in morals and inhuman to the point of being feral, is still quite sympathetic and constantly supplies fun commentary of fantasy high medieval civilization from an outsider’s point-of-view. The narrative is refreshingly broken up with perspectives of various other characters, all of whom burst with their own personality and contrasting views.

Combat is visceral and intense right from the beginning of the story, with pretty brutal descriptions of bones breaking and blood leaving bodies. The magic system, while fairly conventional, produces nicely varied combatants. Some zoom through the skies shooting lasers, others sneak about secreting poisons, and yet others run around punching people.

Style wise, the story is definitely competently written, although there are some unconventional stylistic choices. The author uses standard first-person perspective —but why do you write in the present tense?! And you have the narrating voice lapse into the second person in order to express incredulity, you crazy bastard! And what’s this suddenly, Japanese style vocal onomatopoeia, kyaaaaaa!! It seems that the author is strongly influenced by manga (maybe also Japanese novels?). This can also be seen in the emphasis on training in order to increase physical ability, and in the references to powerful beings emitting "pressure", or "killing intent".

All in all, it’s well-written, with good characters and action, and the plot never gets the least bit stale.

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