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Tales From the Kingdom of the Red Sun by John Enright


In the Kingdom of the Red Sun lies a city called Exter Diqune, ruled by the fair and beautiful Duchess Tamira Diqune, it is home to thousands of furs and humans. As a hub of trade and prosperity, it attracts those with an ambition to better themselves and those who are looking for a place to disappear. Underneath the pristine facade lies a hot bed of political intrigues, scandals and shady back room deals that could topple the city and shift the balance of the entire Kingdom.

An unlikely meeting between a cocky cat burglar and a foreign refugee leads to adventure, heroism and poor decision making as the two are forced on the run from the local thieves’ guild only to find that their employers have hired them to assassinate the Duchess.

“Tales” is a twice weekly serial with three contiguous and intertwined stories, each with their own story headings, arcs and resolutions. They are all available as individual novellas in PDF and HTML for easy reading, a novel including all the stories will also be made available upon completion of all three plot lines.

Note: Tales From the Kingdom of the Red Sun is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains some graphic sexual content and graphic violence.

A partial series, with no recent updates

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Listed: Sep 6, 2013


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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Feb 9, 2014: The world of Tales from the Kingdom of the Red Sun is obviously something that the author has spent some time considering. The technology level seems to be somewhere around medieval, with the ensuing sort of leadership (a monarch) and professions. An interesting twist about this world, however, is that this is one in which furs (seeming to be a cross between humans and animals of various types) and humans coexist, albeit somewhat uneasily.

To date, there are two different stories going relating tales from completely different strata of this society; one set in the highest of royal circles and the other in one of the lowest of the back alleys. I liked that the author thought about introducing his world this way, in order to give the reader a flavor for various parts of his world.

The main issue I have with this story, however, is that the characters are underdeveloped to the point that I found them hard to believe and impossible to relate to. One of them, Eisa the cat burglar, seems to be about as rotten as can be, without actually any seeming reason. In the polar opposite corner, the Duchess Tamira seems to be unbelievably sweet, again with no anchor for a reader to understand where she’s coming from. Part of the unbelievability is that you don’t get much of a sense for these character’s backgrounds, which might hold some of the answers; it’s almost like they just appeared whole cloth. Another is the polarization; Eisa seems to do all rotten things possible to those around her and Tamira is always unfailingly nice. In real life, people are usually more of a mixed bag, often reacting a lot more based on a given situation (e.g., someone who’s usually a grouch, but not around their spouse or family), rather than always being a complete angel or only a dangerous jerk. In order to really develop this story, I recommend that the author work on making these characters more well-rounded and something that people could actually relate to.

Also, I noted that there are only four chapters currently, two for each different tale. This has been the case for a while, even though the site (and the listing here) says that new chapters for each of these tales will be posted weekly. I’d recommend the author update his site (and here) in order to let his readers know what to expect for future update cycles.

In short, I could only really recommend checking out this story if you’re a huge fan of furry fantasy. Otherwise, you may want to wait to see if this author resolves some of the issues mentioned above before diving in.

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