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Revisited Fairy Tales

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 4, 2013: One of the things I like about the crop of stories and films retooling old fairy tales is that they seem to honor (in a modern way) one of the things that the old tales usually attempt – to make a point to the reader. This is something that myths excel at, but usually there are ‘morals’ that fairy tales are trying to communicate, as well, and it makes me happy seeing modern people continually finding new meanings in these old tales.

In particular in Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Red Riding Hood, I appreciated the author’s thoughts on this phenomenon, and her allusion to the idea that in each generation these stories play themselves out differently, but seem to have the same major components in them nonetheless. The Red Riding Hood tale, in her hands, has familiar characters playing slightly different roles than they may have in the stories you remember, yet the way the tale plays out this time is fascinating.

The author seemed to take her time spinning this tale, and I really liked how the way she told it allowed me to slip into another world and time and watch as the old story was made new before my eyes. Due to the time and care the author takes, she details real character development and growth throughout the story, which was nice to see as well.

The only things I noticed that I thought could be improved were the occasional typos. Overall, this was an interesting reading experience, and I’d definitely recommend it to those who are fantasy fans, or fans of old tales renewed for a different age.

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