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An Excellent Fantasy Story.

By TimNoel, author of Chrysalis Experiment

Jun 23, 2015: Review for chapters 1-5 (they are really, really long.) This webnovel is complete and composed 34 chapters in 118 posts.

Story: Sweet and mysterious, the plot of Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Red Riding Hood is heavily character driven, but the author still takes careful time to build the world around the characters, making such a fantasy realm feel tangible. Going into the story, I recommend readers do not assume this work is a mere fan fiction for the parable-like story by Brothers Grimm, but rather that it uses homage to the story of Red Riding Hood as necessary symbolism and to warn readers that not all is right in the Northlands.

Style: The story is always told through the eyes of one of the main characters (Count Wolfram, Elenore, or Edmund), and their thoughts and feelings are presented in an understandable way which even early in the story gives readers a sense of of who each character is. Pacing is neither rushed nor slow, providing a gradual, but intriguing intro into the world.

Characters: Elenore feels almost as though she is a self insert, and not in a bad way. I mean that she feels like a real person, either inspired by the author or someone the author is emulating. Being the primary heroine, I am concerned that there has not been much in flaws visible about her, but she is not sickeningly perfect either and in general, I really like who she is turning out to be. Edmund is complex and fun, and Count Wolfram is mysterious, but with good reason.

Artistry: Description of setting and smooth explanation of characters’ emotions and thoughts are the author’s strong suit for sure. This webnovel was easy to imagine being in print form, sitting in bed, reading just one more chapter before going to sleep. Highly polished, beautifully told, with clever imagination, The Big Bad Wolf: Red Riding Hood is an excellent fantasy read.

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