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Tales of the First by shutsumon

There's no such thing as superheroes? Is there? 

Sienna Miller knows about superheroes. They are a thing you read about in comic books or watch movies about. Fun, but the occasional unpowered costumed vigilante aside no one actually believes in them. What Sienna doesn’t know is that all that is about to change and she and her best friend Wendy are going to be at the heart of it.

After a meteor explodes above her home town of Castleham a strange magenta mist engulfs the town. Sienna and her friends are caught in the chaos and as they try to escape she finds herself possessed of strange powers.

As the town recovers from the disaster it becomes apparent that she’s not the only one and someone is hunting down and killing the affected. Sienna just wants to lay low and figure out what’s happened to her but Wendy has other ideas. The hunters have some way of locating their targets, so Sienna has to fight back and while Wendy has no obvious superpowers she does have a way to help.

Note: Tales of the First contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

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By ChrysKelly, author of Matilda Raleigh

Oct 17, 2016: I’ve read about 50 installments of this, and I managed that in a day. The installments are very small, no more than 300 words, and the story pulls you in deceptively easily. You think I’ll just read one more, it won’t take long, and then you read another five.

The story is described just up above here, so I won’t go into that. I will say that I loved the town descriptions – I think because it’s UK and I’m in the UK, so I knew all the shop references and so on.

I also loved the characters. The short entries mean there isn’t much character development in each episode, but overall there is enough for you to get a good sense of who is who.

I, personally, feel the story was technically weak – I would use a lot more commas. But I love commas. I possibly use too many.

Other than that, it is an enjoyable superhero story with believable and interesting female main characters, and delightfully short entries.

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