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By ChrysKelly, author of Matilda Raleigh

Oct 17, 2016: I’ve read about 50 installments of this, and I managed that in a day. The installments are very small, no more than 300 words, and the story pulls you in deceptively easily. You think I’ll just read one more, it won’t take long, and then you read another five.

The story is described just up above here, so I won’t go into that. I will say that I loved the town descriptions – I think because it’s UK and I’m in the UK, so I knew all the shop references and so on.

I also loved the characters. The short entries mean there isn’t much character development in each episode, but overall there is enough for you to get a good sense of who is who.

I, personally, feel the story was technically weak – I would use a lot more commas. But I love commas. I possibly use too many.

Other than that, it is an enjoyable superhero story with believable and interesting female main characters, and delightfully short entries.

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