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Tamao – a very enjoyable serial novel

By executivepagan, member

Jul 21, 2009: I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Tamao since coming in around chapter 4 (and rapidly catching up the archives). The characters are real and believable, the narrative voice is non-intrusive, and the supernatural aspects flow quite naturally from the settting – heck, they are the setting, in large part. The supernatural action is by turns creepy, somewhat frightening and extremely cool. The author has an excellent eye for visual description, which really enhances the story – more than once I have wished that I had the talent to adapt this story into a graphic novel just so I could share what I see in my head as I read.

He also manages to convey a fair amount of essential information about Shinto theology and ritual practice in a generally natural, unforced way, managing to avoid the trap that so many authors of historical and other data-heavy fiction fall into, of core-dumping all their research into the story in great dense blocks of prose.

I read very little fiction any more, but I always make room for my daily dose of Tamao.

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