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Not Making the Obvious Choices

By Jim Zoetewey, editor, author of The Legion of Nothing

Jul 23, 2008: When you read a fantasy story set in an empire, you can generally expect certain things.

  1. If the empire is evil, that it will fall due to the actions of the hero of the story.

  2. The hero of the story stands outside of the culture of the empire and has values more like your own.

  3. A massive plot, propelled by epic battles.

Tapestry doesn’t take that route.

The main character is a noblewoman who like most people in most places tries to fit into her society. The story is composed of journal entries describing her day to day life. The reader will learn about her children, her servants, her friends, and read her letters to her husband.

It’s not that there aren’t epic battles, but they don’t take place directly in front of the main character where you can read them.

In the end what you get is a story about a woman moving through a society that she can’t control or change. In a culture in which a small breach of etiquette may get you killed, this is enough of a challenge.

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