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Breathtakingly intimate

By MeiLin Miranda, author of The Machine God

Aug 12, 2008: "Tapestry" is, plain and simple, one of the best pieces of web writing out there. It uses the medium better than almost anyone—in fact, I can’t think of anyone who uses the episodic nature of the web serial as well—and Wysteria’s dedication to tone and character in this diary of Suki—Lady Uru— is flawless.

What happens in this serial? Nothing. Everything.

Wysteria paints a thorough portrait from the inside out of a society reminiscent of both Victorian England and Heian Japan—secretly decadent, fastidious, arrogant, elegant, mannered to the point of ridiculousness if it weren’t so deadly to breach protocol, or even to appear to approach the breaching of protocol. For those who understand the personal is political, that it is through the daily lives of people that history (including story) is best observed rather than through the sweeping actions of a few Great Men, "Tapestry" will become a must-read.

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