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My only question, "When will this see physical publication?"

By Winna, member

Jan 2, 2014: "I do not think I am a hypocrite. I do not, however, know how I would tell. I do not think hypocrites know their own minds. Dri’s letter disturbs me, but I am happy to be disturbed. It gives me something to think about as I sew."

“No! I love her. I . . . loved her. I think she is more comfortable, now, but I do not dislike her.”

"My twins come up to my breast. Pen’s hair falls to her midback. The jagged ends bother me. Pang’s hair only reaches his neck, but the look suits him. I have not cut my hair. I prefered Sev’s hair before he had to cut it to fit beneath a helmet."

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