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Tattoo is getting better and better!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jul 27, 2009: EDITOR NOTE: This series ended Oct 2011, sadly, with the unexpected death of the author. However, it is structured as a series of self contained stories, so readers can enjoy the existing episodes as written although the last one, which I believe was intended to be the final climax, is incomplete.


Tattoo is getting better and better with each new chapter in this series of dark supernatural adventures.

Miladysa’s review gives a good synopsis of the main premise of this series. It is an original idea; arcane tattoos covering the protagonist’s body give her protection, and in combination with her knowledge of magical lore, her courage and disregard for her own safety, and a few other assets, just barely enough of an edge to tackle the devotees of the dark arts and varied eerie situations that come her way. She’s in a strange position; very cut off from the rest of the humanity both by her condition and her own personality. A sad and resigned tone pervades the story.

I see how the beginning, with its vampires and evil twins, could come off as a bit cliched. However, since then, each new chapter has brought an imaginative new idea to life. I’ve noticed the writing style maturing, and love how in the latest episodes the author is making creative use of little known monsters and myths from around the world. Since each chapter stands alone as a distinct story,it would be possible for a new reader to start at the beginning of the latest chapter. If you love the story, you will then want to go back to read the rest.

Overall: Ideas are excellent, execution sometimes a bit rough (but continually improving), updates regular, story intriguing.

UPDATE – July 2010. Proofreading quality is pretty consistent these days, and the writing style has evolved to a level of sophistication that leaves me with no more technical quibbles.

This is an intelligent take on urban fantasy in a Lovecraftian vein which shines due to the author’s extensive interest in mythologies both ancient and modern. Recommended.

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