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Supernatural Adventures

By Miladysa, editor, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Dec 10, 2008: Glory has an interest in magic; in fact more than an interest, she’s made a study of it and developed some ideas and spells of her own. She’s also made a big mistake in writing her knowledge down in a book and now the book is in the hands of her worst enemy. Glory is homeless, friendless and in danger.

Not everything is doom and gloom though. Glory employs her knowledge to her advantage and instructs a tattoo artist to cover her head and body in a series of symbolic and powerful tattoos created with ink and a just a touch of magic. Someone gives her an unexpected gift and then her adventures truly begin.

With four chapters to date, Tattoo is just beginning and as the author is taking a break over Christmas you have plenty of time to catch up with the story so far.

Don’t be put off by the boring blog template or have the expectation that everything is going to happen in the first couple of chapters. Have a little patience, sit back and escape into the world of Sybar City and its human, magical and shape shifting inhabitants.

Tattoo is not a horror story but it is an enjoyable supernatural adventure that is improving with every chapter and could possibly develop into something special.

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