Teal (the person, not the color) is a crushing protagonist

By KitCat, member

Dec 18, 2017: Teal is a young adult scifi/fantasy/etc book. It’s about 100k words and thirty chapters. It takes place in the near future, which we can tell because Teal spends a lot of time playing virtual reality action games.

The story follows the two main characters, Teal and his friend, as they try to find what he needs to keep his father alive and get Kepik out of prison.

The story is told from Teal’s point of view, except for a few chapters of emails which give the reader foreshadowing of secret plots in the background.

The Good: The story’s grammar, punctuation, and other mechanics are about as perfect as you can get – very professional. The chapters are about the same size.

Teal (the character) is realistic most of the time. He panics when a real person would, and he acts like a normal, annoying teenager. Sometimes he handles things a little too well.

The action is almost non-stop, with only a few slower scenes.

The Bad: There are a lot of dangling threads. If there isn’t a sequel, I’ll be quite disappointed. However, I wouldn’t be screaming mad because the book’s ending is pretty good.

Only Teal (the character), his friend, and one other character are really fleshed out. (I don’t want to say who the third one is to avoid spoilers.) The other characters are just kind of there.

The action is almost non-stop, with only a few slower scenes. (Repeating that sentence is not a mistake.)

I recommend this book for teens and older because there is mild swearing. Even though I’m only 10 myself, I don’t want to get parents of preteens mad at me for recommending it to younger kids.

You probably won’t like this book if you like slower novels with a lot of character development.

You probably will like this book if you like fast-paced action stories.

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