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Acid Rain and Zombies – Weird Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

By Shutsumon, author of Tales of the First

Dec 9, 2009: The Apocalypse Blog is a post-apocalyptic blog style web fiction.

When it comes to post-apocalyptic fiction I like my apocalypses weird and the one in The Apocalypse Blog fits. A mysterious terrorist attack all over the US (or even the globe) destroys civilization in one go and leaves behind a mysterious acid rain that eats everything and zombies. The main character and a rag tag band try to survive in this broken world and she updates her ‘blog’ on her laptop virtually everyday.

The Good:

  1. The real-time format is interesting. The story is updated almost daily with each entry representing the events of a single day.
  2. I love the premise. The whole weird apocalypse and the questions of what is going on and who would unleash such a bizarre attack are intriguing and will hopefully be answered eventually. As is what sort of future can anyone build in a world so thoroughly destroyed. And the explanation of the zombies is different as well.
  3. The world is well thought out.
  4. The rag tag group has very interesting dynamics.

The Bad:

  1. The author tells too much. This fits the blog-like format but doesn’t always serve the tension of the story well – and the fact the author is relating events after they’ve happened from the character perspective can also hamper tension. You know she survived the day because she posted as it were.
  2. The writing is sometimes dry as well as telling too much. Faith’s emotional reaction to the events she is describing didn’t always come through to me and it would be much better if it did.
  3. It’s not that easy to navigate the site. When I read it I did not go through the backlog in one go, and while it was easy enough to locate the section I left it was harder to locate the actual post. Better navigation would help. Once I was up to date it’s easy enough to keep up since like any blog it’s the top post – but getting to that point took a while since the backlog is quite substantial for new readers.


The Apocalypse Blog is an interesting story and worth a look for fans of the post-apocalyptic

On the whole I enjoyed the Apocalypse blog and I am continuing to read it in spite of its short-comings because I want to know what’s going on.

Far from perfect but still interesting.

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