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The Archive Of Unusual Events by Stable

A collection of the latest global happenings for the aware and discerning subhistorian. 

The Archive Of Unusual Events provides the discerning reader with a curated keyhole view of the most interesting Unusual Events happening around us constantly. But why? Where is the Archive now that it has been driven out of Scotland? Who is the Archivist and how do they get their information?

Updates are short (usually 200 – 300 words) and regular (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

An ongoing series, with new episodes thrice weekly

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Listed: Aug 3, 2016


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Weird, complicated, and amazing.

By alex5927, author of Umbra: Unsanctimonious

Dec 18, 2016: The Archive of Unusual Things is an interesting read. The ideas put forth are reminiscent of a worldwide Night Vale, and the eclectic nature of the pseudo-news articles are extremely immersive, much more so than some people would be able to make it. Each article is about something different, and each thing is even weirder than the last. One of the first entries on the site is about the “Smithfield Snail Man,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The deadpan voice that permeates each article in the archive is [more . . .]

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For Those Looking for Other

By LadyAnder, author of Edict

Aug 3, 2016: There are times when I want to read something that’s different. The Archive of Unusual Events scratches that itch that for me.

Now to be fair, it’s not really a story. Each entry is written as an archive entry written by the Archivist. This individual catalogs the strange things that happen in the world. Readers don’t get to see the Archivist; we don’t even know his name. There are some glimpses of the personality of the Archivist, but for the most [more . . .]

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Amusing, Interesting World-building

By Jordan_Severns, author of Odd & Ends

Oct 23, 2016: The Archive is not your typical narrative, and often times it isn’t even technically a narrative, but that isn’t a bad thing! It takes the form of a series of entries in the eponymous Archive, which documents strange events all over the world. It’s really an exercise in continuous world-building, with a sense of narrative peppered throughout via reoccurring incidents and ideas.

Its creativity and wit are notable, and if you like urban fantasy and exploring unusual worlds, you can’t go [more . . .]

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