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For Those Looking for Other

By LadyAnder, author of Edict

Aug 3, 2016: There are times when I want to read something that’s different. The Archive of Unusual Events scratches that itch that for me.

Now to be fair, it’s not really a story. Each entry is written as an archive entry written by the Archivist. This individual catalogs the strange things that happen in the world. Readers don’t get to see the Archivist; we don’t even know his name. There are some glimpses of the personality of the Archivist, but for the most part, this is more about the world of strange things than about the person writing about strange happenings around this world. Some subjects maybe mentioned again as an update to certain subjects themselves. It makes the world feel living and breathing instead of just a catalogue.

The writing is enjoyable, amusing, and written. However, my only issue with it isn’t an issue with me but I fear that many might overlook this as it isn’t some action adventure rump of a story.

Now I’ve read web fiction like this before in the past because I enjoyed stories that is about a world. Most of these seem to drop out of sight and the writers abandons these tales because they don’t appeal. However, Archive has something that the few that I read and that is the entries are relatively short. Each entry provides enough information to give the reader what they need to know on the subject so it isn’t bloated with information that the reader might not care about.

The subjects that are archived about are unfamiliar to me and if it is something that that has a familiar label, there is a different spin on them making reading about them fresh. So if you don’t think you’ll be fond of something like this, I would check it out anyway. It’s fun. I enjoy it.

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