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The Bathrobe Knight by Charles Dean


What happens when you find yourself submersed in a fantasy world you’ve never imagined, and you don’t know the rules? How much can one bathrobe and a spoon change the fate of the world? Is there enough ramen to ever sate a gamer’s hunger?

Note: The Bathrobe Knight contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: May 1, 2015


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Bathrobes are towels, right?

By FrustratedEgo, member

Mar 3, 2016: This review is based on Volume One and part of Two. Bathrobe Knight takes a modern man then transport them to a video game world, or so it seems. The main character gets placed in awkward moments while trying to understand the world around him. The humor is real as well as ‘LitRPG’ styles with character levels, skills, and so on.

There a few issues to me as a reader which mostly revolve around how things are presented. The main point revolves around the main characters family and his own ‘background’ that unravels to provide a greater over plot / mystery, but it felt weird reading it.

I still enjoyed the story and plan to eventually read anything else available – but it’s not one I’m rushing to get to. Don’t let my feels stop you from giving the first chapter a try. I’m just really jaded.

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