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This Bridge Will Hold

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Sep 17, 2016: The Bridge tells the science-fiction tale of a generational ship, split by a disaster centuries ago. In the aftermath of the disaster, civilization(s) aboard the split ship have decayed, knowledge lost, and bright hope for the future all but extinguished.

When the ship begins to unexpectedly repair itself again, and reunites the two halves of the ship after centuries apart, conflicts erupt, and two brilliant minds, one from each side of the ship, must come together to save what may be the last of the human race.

The Good: The generational ship trope has been used well here, with a novel presentation of having multiple societies emerge. Shades of Snowpiercer here, in this story. The prose is interesting and the characterization solid, if painted by a broad brush at times. The elements of science fiction that are incorporated over time are interesting and refreshingly told.

The Bad: Dialogue is frequently too long and stilted, coming off as ‘literary’ instead of trying to reflect realistic dialogue. Early antagonists in the story come across as one-dimensional.

The Ugly: Occasional spelling errors are noted, and formatting issues come up on the site. Some links don’t work, or work intermittently(?!).

Overall, I’m up to part 20, and I think this is a solid and interesting story so far, and I’ll probably come back to finish it when it is complete.

I think this will make for a tight, light science-fiction read, once complete.

2.5 stars

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