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They have always lived in the castle

By Fiona Gregory, editor

May 19, 2017: Wow. This story is pretty spectacular. A highly original setting, in which right away we are plunged into a crisis – A monster is destroying their floating castle’s water harvesting equipment – almost before we have time to meet the two young protagonists. One seems to be reckless to the point of death-defying, while the other is cautious and thoughtful to the point of paralysis. Yet they have survived in this place alone for many years thanks to mad Leonardo da Vinci like juryrigging skills. Perhaps we’d all be mini-Leonardo’s if our life depended on it. As they hurtle from scrape to scrape, I also feel like they have a fate defying dose of luck – perhaps to balance out the misfortune of being in that situation to start with.

The writing is fluid and error-free, the site is cleanly laid out with some beautiful illustrations, and it has a solid record of consistent updates. This is an impressive serial, and definitely worth your time to check out.Somewhere on the site the author says he was going for the charm and fantasy of a Studio Ghibli cartoon, and it is like that. Yet I’d be lying if I didn’t admit my impressions were mixed, though mainly positive. My reservations about the story are harder to put in words than to praise its resplendent glories, and in fact feel a little petty given all the love and professionalism that have obviously gone into this story. Maybe I was a little frustrated at how slow their backstory was to emerge, or how the things they feared were never what I would be afraid of in that situation (of course, there’s a lot more I’d be afraid of than even the cautious charactor was) – I don’t know. Maybe suspension of disbelief had to be evoked a little too often. Sometimes it seemed a little too glib. But make up your own mind.

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