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The Colonists by Adam Collings

An episodic scifi serial novel 

In the early twenty-second century, Earth was undergoing slow but devestating environmental changes. The world’s best scientists could not determine a cause, or come up with a solution. If the situation continued, Earth would soon be uninhabitable.  The ESS Endeavour was an ark ship, designed to take colonists to a distant world where they could create a new home for mankind, but when they arrived they were in for a few surprises.

This story chronicles the lives of the crew of the Endeavour, and the courageous settlers beginning a new life on a distant frontier.

Note: The Colonists is unfinished, and will likely remain so.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Apr 5, 2011


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Editorial Reviews

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Editor’s First Impression

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 20, 2011: An interesting story told in a bare, stilted but clear and honest style. There is a definite ability to draw in the reader and build suspense and sympathy for characters despite some obvious proofreading and stylistic pitfalls. Worth a look for fans of classic science fiction, in fact, if you start reading this there is a good chance you will want to continue despite awareness of flaws! An amateur writer with promise.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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A Solid Series With A Bright Future

By MadHacktress, member

Aug 17, 2011: This series has me hooked in a way that has surprised the heck out of me.

Even though the writing isn’t the strongest element of the experience the story more than makes up for it in its depth and the characters that are being explored. You earnestly want these people to survive and thrive; I have experienced more than one "oh, I can’t look" moment when the life of a character hung in the balance.

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Promising Effort

By LondonIvy, member

Sep 9, 2011: The prose is imperfect and very average. Despite the fact that I like the story I also think that prose is an essential piece of a literary work. Writing and story work together to make something beautiful and substantial. What we have here is a very good story suffering under the weight of its writing. However, the writer does show promise. Many of the mistakes are merely that which anybody makes when they first learn the writing craft. Repetition, awkward sentences and an overall halting rhythm are particularly egregious, but [more . . .]

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Getting Going

By Von, member

May 19, 2011: The Colonists strikes me as the first novel by someone who is interested in telling a story but not writing. Did that make sense? In other words the story is better than the writing. The dialog is a bit stilted, the descriptions are flat (I should talk, I can’t describe a paper bag!) and the transitions and tensions are a bit weak.

But I am convinced there is a story in there somewhere, a story worth telling and I, personally, like [more . . .]

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