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The Comatose Girl by Generally Hostile


See the day to day interactions between Daisy, the world first and only confirmed psychic with powers rated at a level 0 on a descending 9 to 1 scale, her caretaker, Doctor Travis Stein, and the manager of the government facility where everything happens, Eleanor Phleer

Note: The Comatose Girl contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly

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Listed: Oct 30, 2016


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Great Potential… Lacking in Direction

By Scott Scherr, author of Don't Feed The Dark

Nov 22, 2016: From the twenty chapters currently available, The Comatose Girl primarily centers around an almost omnipotent young girl named Daisy, and her caretaker, Dr. Travis Stein, who is charged with understanding this extraordinary girl’s abilities. The story begins in an underground government operated facility where the powers-to-be strive to ‘weaponize’ Daisy while Dr. Stein sympathizes with her desire not to harm anyone.

What I’ve enjoyed about this story so far is the developing relationship between Stein and Daisy as her character fluctuates [more . . .]

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Diamond in the Rough

By TanaNari, author of Price

Nov 2, 2016: It is, however, very rough.

This story has a huge amount of potential as a beautiful, complex story. While it’s on the surface about a girl with the mind of a child and the power of a god, the story is less about her, and more about the people around her, and it has a lot of potential . . . even as-is, it’s still an above average work from an obvious amateur writer.

The problems, [more . . .]

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Interesting Story in the Making

By Team Contract, member

Nov 5, 2016: This web serial is fairly new so if you’re looking for a new one to check out, this won’t take a lot of time investment. The core premise is quite fascinating, that of a research facility housing a group of super powerful psychic test subjects. I was reminded of the set up for Stranger Things as I reflect on it now. The story itself starts which the relationship building between one of the research facility’s scientists and the young girl he oversees, the most powerful psychic in the facility.

[more . . .]

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