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A seeker of truth in a world of lies

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Apr 21, 2017: I’m not sure what prompted me into reading this serial, but I’m glad I did – it is my best new find in awhile. The title is a little misleading, although there is a coven, this is not about Wicca or an urban fantasy. What is it? it reads somewhat like a Victorian novel, but either in an alternate reality, another planet, or even a post apocalyptic world.

The setting is a dystopian theocracy, where a young woman who is an amateur astronomer is making discoveries like Galileo’s with similar reception. (While society and dress seem 18th Century-ish, the level of technology seems to have been deliberately stalled at late medieval). She’s married off to a man with mysterious abilities, and here we have a strange dichotomy -in this world apparently magic is real, and hell may be a real place, but the ideals of the protagonist are a paeon toward science and enlightenment. Where is this going? I’m curious to find out. So far Grace walks a dangerous line as she tries to stay true to herself, uncover the mysteries and intriques around her, and protect those she cares about.

The quality of the writing is excellent, and the content original. The only thing that has slightly bothered me so far is a few cases where someone seemed to act out of character or their motives were opaque – but this sort of thing sometimes gets resolved further down the line. Also, I’d love to comment on the chapters – they’re often quite thought-provoking – but comments don’t seem to get through.

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