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The Crimson Artifice by Blaise Corvin

What if humans from Earth are orcs to the rest of the universe? 

Mankind on earth had no idea where humans really came from. The history of a war spanning millions of years and humanity’s creation as shock troops by angels isn’t exactly taught in modern history books. Unfortunately for Lilly Knight and Marcus Vallerand, learning the truth comes at a very high price.

Lilly, a New York based lawyer, gets more than she bargained for with her mysterious new clients. She had been bored and depressed for years, but that didn’t mean she wanted to deal with ancient enemies of mankind quietly plotting against the planet. What begins as a routine job could turn into a struggle for her life.

Meanwhile Marcus finds himself in a strange land among strange people, and no memory of how he got there. Hopefully his unflappable personality and military training will be enough to help him survive a new planet and powerful enemies determined to do him harm. Learning to use magic may be the key to keeping himself alive . . . for now.

Marcus and Lilly are about to discover that humanity among the stars is very different than people on Earth, and Terrans, feared by the rest of the universe are going to make serious waves. Angels, fallen angels, and other ancient beings may not be ready to deal with a combination of good old fashioned American stubbornness paired with ancient, angelic super weapons.

Note: The Crimson Artifice contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel

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Listed: Mar 3, 2016


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