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The Curse by Ivanokov

When you can't ever escape from death 

Set in an unraveling world, Bran just keeps on fighting and trying to survive his curse, knowing that his death is already set in stone. Bearing his sad past, he fights a desperate fight, while trying to uncover the secrets of his fate and curse. Theodore, a weird young man, uncovers a great secret about Origin, a boring horror filled virtual game. Knowing that someone is trying to control him, he tries to understand what is awaiting him and prepare for it, while shedding light on the mysteries of this unraveling world.

Note: The Curse contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Aug 31, 2015


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Interesting and very intriguing

By Arcada, member

Sep 1, 2015: This story seems interesting and very intriguing. There’s an air of mystery about it. The english level is very good and I can’t spot anything to complain about. Good and unique style. On another note, the premise of the story is awesome. In a world where virtual reality games already appeared, Theodore finds out that one of the new games is a real parallel world on its own, to where players can go to by logging in, and that you can leave by logging out. The characters have a lot of depth, and have very realistic reactions, though its easier to relate to Bran than to Theodore. I’m looking forward to future chapters. I think the description of the story should be changed, as it doesn’t portray how good the story is.

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