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The Daedalus Transfer by Huw Langridge

A signal from a distant star triggers a dangerous mission to investigate 

In the near future a message is received from Proxima Centauri 4.3 light years away. A massive operation is put into action to build a ship to send a crew of six to investigate the signal. They arrive after 150 years only to discover that the signal came from a very obscure and unexpected source.

Note: The Daedalus Transfer contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: May 22, 2009

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Solid, steady Science fiction

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Aug 18, 2011: "The Daedulus Transfer" is science fiction, but not the lasers and aliens kind. It’s more "hard" science fiction, with its science rooted in the real world. The author seems to have gone to great lengths to understand the physics behind space travel, as well as the technology.

I have to give them credit for research and detail. However, the story is a little dry as a result because, sadly, the technical aspects are the best part of the writing. The dialogue [more . . .]


No title

By gcomyn, member

Mar 29, 2013: This is no longer available at the site linked.linked

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