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The Darker Side of Paradise by JDT


In an age of political turmoil between world powers, wealthy gangs seize control of the Sierra Leone port city of Kismal. Its harbor quickly becomes a hub for international black market trade and business. Los Zetos, the Yakuza, and the Solntsevskaya Bratva allow parts of the city to be divvied up among smaller criminal groups who move into the area.

Damian Reed was swept to Kismal along with most of the Fourth Street gang. When tides turn and Fourth Street is obliterated, Damian is forced to the fringes, pushed beyond the bounds of human decency just to survive. Now he must rebuild his broken life in a city that loathes an upstart.

Note: The Darker Side of Paradise contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language; also, some graphic sexual content.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 4, 2014

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Viciously fun read.

By Eren Reverie, author of Et Alia

Mar 26, 2015: Alright, so I got through this story in under two days because it kept me up reading when I should have been sleeping.

The writing is really good. There were a few typos that I noticed, but nothing more than I generally expect from a web serial—and when I reported them in the comments and the author was pretty on the ball about fixing them. The story is told from a first person perspective, but it is done so with vivid [more . . .]

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An adrenaline-fuelled tale of mercenaries vs. mafia.

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Apr 28, 2015: Full Disclosure: This review was a reciprocal review with the author. Happily, before I agreed to the review, I’d already read through this serial to-date and enjoyed the hell out of it, so conflicts of interest are few, here!

An exciting page-burner, ‘The Darker Side of Paradise’ brings modern action-crime-drama to the web serial world. When a small team of mercenaries profiting from criminal enterprise in near-lawless Sierra Leone get caught between much larger and more powerful powers-that-be, a desperate group [more . . .]

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Well. That was interesting.

By alex5927, author of Umbra: Unsanctimonious

Mar 26, 2015: Well. That was interesting. I’m going to be brief with this review, because, while there is so much I want to say, it would take your time away from reading it, which I suggest. I don’t like talking about the plot in reviews, because everybody else does that, and also because it’s usually pretty straightforward if you read the blurb. What I will say is that it’s compelling enough to keep me from writing an English paper I have due tomorrow, and almost made me late clocking back in after [more . . .]

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