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The Daughters of Warring by Lori Titus

The bonds of blood and sisterhood are crossed... 

In 1698, young Isabel Warring is accussed of witchcraft. Isabel is an innocent. Will the person who betrayed her come forward?

A complete novel

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Listed: Feb 15, 2011

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Short Historical Fantasy

By Shutsumon, author of Tales of the First

Oct 3, 2012: Short Version: Evocative, already completed short fantasy novel. A good introduction to the medium for newcomers to the medium. Ending falls a little flat.

Setup: It’s the 17th Century and innocent Isabel Warring sits in a cell and awaits her execution for witchcraft. As she waits she writes about the circumstances that brought her there. Meanwhile someone else knows the truth but will they speak up?

The Good: At just eleven chapters the Daughters of Warring is a quick, reasonably entertaining read.

The descriptions of places – especially the winter scenary – and the characters’ emotions are beautifully evocative.

Daughters of Warring would make a good introduction to the weblit format for newcomers.

The Bad: A formatting gripe first. There are no forward and back links to navigate the story (well there are but they go to the next and previous posts chronologically on the site rather than the next/previous chapter. Nor is there a link to the table of contents. This makes navigation a bit of a pain as you have to keep hitting the back button to the table of contents.

Something about the setting feels a touch off, like it’s not entirely accurate but since I’m no expert on history I can’t quite put my finger on it (the names possibly?) and it may be my imagination.

Finally the ending falls a little flat. Not everything has to be high drama but this seems too simple and it drains it of the tension it should have.

Will I be reading more? Well, this story is complete, but I’m sure I’ll be reading some of the authors other stuff as well.

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