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Very long, and very good.

By Underwhelming Force, author of Sins of the Fathers

Mar 6, 2014: Unlike some people, I enjoy archive panic. Having a large volume to read through means I’ll be able to stave off boredom for longer. When I found the Decendants, it was a godsend. It has the single largest archives of any serial I’ve seen to date, complete with side stories to tide you over when you get caught up. More than that, the story is actually quite good.

The format is different from a lot of other serials- it’s not styled as a novel, but a long series of short books, like comic books. This makes it very prone to monster-of-the week plots, though there is an overarching plot in the background.

Despite the very serious beginning, with child kidnapping and exploitation, yet the tone quickly becomes lighthearted and very enjoyable to read. Since it’s modeled on classic comic books, it’s a bit over the top and thoroughly entertaining.

The main villains are a bit ambiguous, though. It starts as some mysterious agency called Tome, which somehow vanishes quietly in the background. Among the main villains is Aces High, a weirdly incompetent yet well-equipped villain . . . Club or something, Morgana (yes, the original Morgana, somehow), and an arms dealer who turns out to be an upstanding citizen (it’s weird). It feels like the villains never have as much thought put into them as the heroes- they feel like cardboard cutouts sometimes. The heroes, by contrast, are all deep, well-rounded characters each with their own story and personality.

Read this one, if you have a few months free.

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