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A must read superhero serial, for all superhero comic fans

By violing, member

Feb 10, 2009: I think descendants will appeal to almost anyone who likes 70-90 era superhero comics. It starts off quick with the characters showing what they can do, and alludes to much else about their backgrounds. The action picks up quite well as the basic background is filled in, and characters progress/grow very well as new characters are introduced. It follows the comic formulas quite well, with chapters dealing with a story arc, and most major environmental things returning to the status quo. However, as also happens in comics, the characters individually are often impacted, with almost everything which may seem to have been left hanging having some impact down the road. In addition, there are occasionally large events that change the way the stories world is set up. For those who really like comics, it even has "annuals", and crossovers (with characters that are not main characters).

A quick update: Another huge plus to this serial is the huge archive, and the fact that, while not 100% at meeting updates, over the time it has been running, it has the most reliable update schedule of any I have seen.

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