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The Eagle’s Flight by Daniel E. Olesen

King, nobleman, knight, commoner - who will remain standing? 

The Eagle’s Flight is a fantasy epic dealing with power struggles and intrigues in the Seven Realms of Adalmearc. Every character has their own agenda, using whatever means necessary to advance it. Everyone considers themselves their hero of their own story, but inevitably it must lead to clash, conflict, and war.

More information, including a map, can be seen at www.annalsofadal.net

Note: The Eagle’s Flight contains some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Mar 13, 2017


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A well-hidden gem

By Chillypepper, member

Sep 18, 2017: I will begin this review by mentioning what a crime it is that this work of fiction is not on the top 10. Let alone being an extremely under-viewed one.

‘The Eagle’s Flight’ Is a high fantasy novel, a professional one at that. This is what I wish all high fantasy genres would aspire to be. A massive, well developed world set in medieval settings (Much like LoTR or GoT) That relies on showing you what this world is like rather than just blatantly telling you so.

The story begins slowly by placing a corner stone for all the characters in the first few chapters, making you see this world through its inhabitants eyes, the same ones you would follow in later chapters. It is evident that the world of Adalmearc has been thought through. The intrigue and political play that happens, in the beginning, is designed in a believable way, yet is easy to grasp to those that do not hold much knowledge in it.

The first couple of chapters might feel slow and taxing but you see what they are worth once you start delving in the story. (Personal favorite chapters at the beginning is the 5th to the 9th)

The story follows quite the number of characters around this world, there is no main character in sight, but pawns and pieces that are used skillfully by the author to introduce knowledge, story progression, and personalities to further enrich the plot. A refreshing addition to this is the 3D aspect which adds to characters depth as the story moves on.

Can this get any better!? The answer is ‘Yes!’. When I said that this story is a professional work, I meant that, from the world construction and characters depth, and down to the high quality, professional grammar. (Let alone the magnificent usage of words that flow nicely while you are reading.)

The author’s writing style is descriptive, yet moves into a more concise and upfront one when the situation calls for it. Every chapter brings its own charm and every landscape is described well enough for you, the reader.

I hope that I’ve managed to intrigue you into reading this amazing piece of work, and i apologize for any lacks in my review.

Enjoy the great read!

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