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A page-turner

By Chris Poirier, editor

Nov 23, 2008: The End of Things is a diary of a woman who is quarantined with her husband and the whole village in their homes, for 10 days, due to some kind of emergency. There have been over 30 installments posted in the last month, and I’ll tell you that the 10 days is past and the story is not over, but I’m not going to tell you any more about what happens. I advise you don’t peek ahead. You’ll be robbing yourself of the fun.

The writing is great—crisp and believable. The voice is strong, and never slips. The installments are mostly quite short, and it makes for a very easy read. The plot develops only occassionally, but I love all the little details that fill the gaps. Overall, the story had me spooked, at times, and I felt compelled to turn the page after each part.

I’m taking an RSS feed on this one, and am definitely looking forward to more. I wholeheartedly recommend The End of Things.

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