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Skip the first five or so chapters…

By Sora, member

Nov 23, 2008: I tried to read this story earlier before the editorial and member reviews. It was hard to get into since it was more like a odd mix of badly written metafiction. So I gave up at the beginning. Perhaps it was meant to be that way.

However when the other reviews popped up said that there was more to it, I thought I give it another try.

I skimmed the beginning just to get an idea of the story itself, but frankly you could probably skip the beginning and just cut to the action. I enjoyed the the rest of the writing, but the beginning is awkward because it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the story. I can understand what the author is trying to do, but it takes away what the true nature of the story is.

It does get better, but I hate to be the one that says skip the beginning . . . so I’m going to say skim over the beginning to get an idea of what the premise of the story is. Stick with it and it definitely gets better.

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