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The Eternity Acts by tripleblacktri

How many generations does it take to reverse one man’s work? 

The Whisperer Rayon has cursed his villagers, summoned a Wall of Fire and created a Burning Sea to mold his kingdom into a place he deems worth living in. Will the villagers, whose curse changes them by night, be able to overcome the acts of this twisted madman to create a society where the populace isn’t trapped in a cage of fire? It may take centuries but a new King, accompanied by an ex-slave, will certainly try . . . 

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Mar 6, 2017


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A fantastic adventure with animal shifters

By Samuel Chapman, author of The Glass Thief

Mar 22, 2017: If you’re looking for an adventure story with likable heroes, an evil king, magic, and animal shapeshifters, plus a broad and well-developed world, you could do a whole lot worse than The Eternity Acts. The author keeps the main story moving along at a fine clip, through many adventures as the heroes follow a rebel king in his attempt to take down the vicious system established by an evil wizard.

Jochro, the main narrator, is a slave who gets handpicked by [more . . .]

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Good read – check it out!

By swillettl, member

Mar 18, 2017: Overall, this story is great – the world is original, the characters are unique and the story itself is engaging and evenly paced.

Grammar: Little to no errors found grammatically. The author is consistent, vocabulary is varied and there are no issues with spelling or tenses found so far.

Style: The story flows well, and the author does a great job of introducing details on an "as you go" basis. Each chapter [more . . .]

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