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Good read – check it out!

By swillettl, member

Mar 18, 2017: Overall, this story is great – the world is original, the characters are unique and the story itself is engaging and evenly paced.

Grammar: Little to no errors found grammatically. The author is consistent, vocabulary is varied and there are no issues with spelling or tenses found so far.

Style: The story flows well, and the author does a great job of introducing details on an "as you go" basis. Each chapter contains details that unfold and explain a little bit more of the world and the characters within it. This helps to keep me as a reader engaged and coming back for more. The story is in the first person with a character that isn’t dry. Characters are quirky and humorous which lend to improve the author’s style.

Story: The story is overall great and flows well as you read it. Everything is sequential and the author doesn’t jump around. The descriptions are great, although sometimes technical, and are sufficient in setting the tones and creating the imagery the reader needs. The story is filled with original dialogue and is an enjoyable read. The world and its issues are unique to the author and very intriguing – he really creates a complete picture of the world and its history which aids in building the story’s clarity.

Character: Characters are plenty, but no overwhelming. Each has their own personality and quirks which are clear throughout the story – I can’t wait to see how they develop more over time as more is added to the storyline.

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