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By Chris Poirier, editor

Sep 8, 2008: The Etheria Project isn’t badly-written. It’s an easy read, mostly. It reads like a book of one of the poorer Final Fantasy games. XII, for instance. Minus the chocobos. So far, we’ve met characters with lilac, pink, and blue eyes. It’s that kind of story.

There’s a lot of dialogue, and while I can tell the girls from the boys, I can’t otherwise tell the characters apart: what they say doesn’t reveal anything but the plot. The plot, at least, has a surprise or two, from time to time—enough to keep you guessing. And while the prose can be a little purple or a little awkward at times, it isn’t unpleasant to read.

If you like stories were none of the characters has to work very hard to get what they want, where the cities are shiny and pretty, where the knights wear their bright armour and the children all go to school, where kids luck into magical artifacts and can beat up trained soldiers, you’ll probably enjoy The Etheria Project.

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