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The Fifth Defiance by Walter

Rise, though you rise against the heavens. 

A technological breakthrough gave rise to the Ultrahumans. The Ultras gave rise to war. What was once America writhes beneath the fists of an indestructible tyrant, and a brutal war rages over the remainder of the planet. This is the story of some of the men and women who live during Prevailer’s regime, and of the Fifth Defiance.

Note: The Fifth Defiance contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Dec 31, 2015

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Rise Up

By gloomybear86, author of For Riches or More

Jan 5, 2017: The Fifth Defiance accomplishes within its first handful of chapters a feat that often requires entire arcs, if not longer: it made me want to learn more about the universe its author created. Who is Prevailer and what power allows her to subjugate the planet? What are the Troubleshooters? What’s a Sigil and why do Ultrahumans wear them?

These questions get answered throughout the course of the story and are replaced, naturally, by new ones. I won’t spoil any of the [more . . .]

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Bumpy, but compelling.

By Rhythm, author of Touch

Feb 12, 2018: Disclaimer: This review was written as part of a swap.

The Fifth Defiance is not your standard superhero story. I mean this neither as a compliment, nor an insult. I simply mean that while it does conform to several of the more common tropes of the superhero genre, it has a few twists that serve to categorize it somewhat uniquely. I will go into these further in a moment, but first, a brief synopsis.

[more . . .]

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Grim, but creative and engaging.

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Oct 13, 2018: Two hundred years from now, scientists unlock the secret to superhuman powers. Those powers immediately end up in the wrong hands, and a generation of Ultrahuman criminals conquer and devastate the world. Since that time, there have already been four failed attempts to overthrow the brutal regime of the tyrant Prevailer. Now, after years of careful planning, a group of rebels manages to position themselves within the ranks of Her chosen champions. But can even an enemy from within defeat a monster with the power to end the world? [more . . .]

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