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Grim, but Intriguing

By Sharkerbob, member

May 11, 2017: I have so far only read the first major Arc, so I cannot comment on the quality that comes later, but I will say this is one of the more interesting and intriguing superhuman settings I’ve seen in a while.

While it is certainly a dark, dreary world, the lore in fascinating, and the powers demonstrated are both creative and creatively used. Fight scenes are well done (and often brutal), but equally intriguing are how the powers affect the perspectives and mannerisms of the characters. The rotation perspective is a nice gimmick so far, it seems to work pretty well for both character and world building.

I was also a fan of seeing plenty of lore/setting articles strewn between story chapters. While it might not work for some, I found it a good way to put forth exposition without having to have the characters go on long speeches in story; likewise, most of the articles are done with some flavor text to make them feel more a part of the world (such as reports or interviews). While I didn’t mind it myself, some might find switching from story to article to story chapter constantly a bit off putting in terms of pacing.

All and all, I give this one a recommendation for creativity in world and characters, but do warn that it can be pretty brutal and dark at times, and the story/article pacing might throw some readers off. If you can look past that, though, this is a pretty solid story so far.

UPDATE: Having now caught up to the current chapters (as of May 2017), I can say the story continues to be interesting and engaging. Chapters continue to shift perspectives, even beyond the initial five members of the team, and the lore articles keep coming. Reveals are still well paced, even as we learn a lot about the world, and the perspective chapters from unexpected characters flesh out a lot of the story we otherwise wouldn’t see just sticking with the main team.

I look forward to continuing to follow this story until its end.

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