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The Matrix meets The Walking Dead

By Lee Carlon, member

May 1, 2016: I was drawn to this first by the title and then the first couple of paragraphs in the description, though I admit I stopped reading the summary because I was worried it might give too much away. While we’re inundated with zombies, I like the idea of techno-zombies and this just made me like the title even more.

The first episode does a nice job of introducing the dramatic situation and ends with a suitable hook to ensure you keep reading. The infects with their hive mind are an interesting twist on the zombie genre. Like most zombie stories, the zombies feel like a metaphor, the story isn’t about the infects, but the characters trying to survive a hostile environment. Just as episode two suggests, don’t get too attached, if this story and the hive-minded infects are to have any credibility, the characters will drop like flies.

There are multiple threads interacting in interesting ways and the author does a good job of revealing just enough to intrigue without answering all the questions. I’m eager to see where this goes.

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