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A Lyrical Fantasy

By Emma, author of Undestined

Apr 9, 2014: The Five Kingdoms is told in first person by a bard named Agapios. The narration has a beautiful, lyrical feel, and unlike many first person stories, the narrator himself is very unobtrusive (which I like), and allows the reader to explore the world for him or herself. Because Agapios’ journaling is known to the other characters, they direct him to where the action in the story is taking place, which is a nice way of dealing with the problem of why a narrator just happens to always be where things are happening.

The story so far follows the remnant of a kingdom (one of five, I would guess), as they struggle for survival after a devastating plague has left the world barely populated and steeped in fear. Their country overrun by invaders, the people of Tira are forced to abandon their land, led only by their infant king and a small band of warriors. They travel through a hostile world, with the overshadowing threat of the return of the gods (though it is still unclear what this will mean).

The story is well-written, and very engaging. It should update every Friday, but seems to be a week behind at the moment. There are minimal typos, but not enough to take away from the story. My biggest issue is the way Agapios’ dialogue is interested into the story, which is to say that it isn’t. There are no quotations around his spoken words, and it can be difficult to tell when he is speaking out loud and when he is simply relating his thoughts to the reader. In fact, for the first few Episodes, I thought he was mute.

It is a good story with a high-fantasy feel, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes that genre.

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