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Pretty damn good scifi/vr

By Blaise Corvin, member

Jul 20, 2016: I really enjoyed this story. I’m not sure what the first book is like online since I bought the Kindle version, but I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

The MC is believable and his motivations are relatable. He’s consistent and the world building is consistent.

I’m a big fan of litRPG. I even write one. I’m always on the lookout for new litRPG stories to read and The Gam3 delivers.

One of the things I was most satisfied about was that the premise isn’t just some bullshit hand waving to make the story take place in VR. The background, civilizations, and politics all actually play a real, tangible role on the overall plot.

I also like how nobody seems to really know what’s going on 100% within the world. This seems realistic to me.

Speaking of realism, the MC gets some pretty crazy powerups, but they’re never too over the top and everything proceeds in a linear fashion, including powerups.

Overall, this is an enjoyable, well-written, Sci-fi litRPG story. I highly suggest anyone reading this review who thinks any of this sounds interesting at all should give it a shot.

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