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The Glass Thief by Samuel Chapman

Daring heists. Brutal deserts. Love. Revenge. Lobsters. 

When Staever and his gang of lobster thieves—second-in-command Wrest, lookout and strategist Emaria, demolitions expert Arcite, and martial artist Eventhe—hijack a land vessel hauling precious glass to the wealthy center of The Eye, they expect to once again fence the loot to the crooked Gattick and call it a job well done. What they don’t expect is to discover an ancient key that could hold the power to save their dying seaside city.

Staever knows that the lobsters of The Eye must make a pilgrimage back to the homeland they lost centuries ago; he also knows, however, that when the slums know him as an outlaw and his only allies are his mother and an out-of-favor governor, his chances of saving his people are slim at best. But if there’s one thing Staever and his gang can do, it’s think on their feet—and although he’s in the crosshairs of a conniving politician and his brutal enforcer, this thief’s day may be about to dawn . . . 

Sweeping from a high desert, across a barren wasteland spanned by graceful bridges, and into the swamps and forests of a land known only to legend, The Glass Thief is a tale of treason, swashbuckling adventure, despicable villains, the power of history, romance, action, humor, and fear. By the end, a continent—and a world—will be forever changed.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Feb 19, 2017

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A tale that combines lobsters and fantasy in fresh, fantastic way

By tripleblacktri, author of The Eternity Acts

Mar 22, 2017: The Glass Thief is a wonderful story that I’m glad I stumbled upon. The author states that this is unlike anything you’ve ever read before. And he is correct. It is 100 percent not an exaggeration. So if you want to read something different, this is your serial.

What makes it stand out? Well, the characters all are all lobsters and it works wonderfully. Besides being lobsters the characters are interesting and unique. They would work even as humans, but their current red-shelled selves do add to the story, adding distinct conflict to the story, the society itself, and of course the character’s relationships.

While the characters might be my favorite part of The Glass Thief, the story itself is not far behind. Following Staever through the first few chapters (beginning with a heist) is a delight as the author slowly feeds the reader morsels of relevant information. At first, I was a bit confused on certain parts, but I think I blame my lack of lobster knowledge. Everything was cleared up quickly, though.

I can’t wait to read more of The Glass Thief because it seems to be heading in a great direction. Just read the blurb and you’ll see what I’m talking about. As a fan of epic fantasy, this is a story you should not miss.

And finally, thinking back, I can’t recall any errors with punctuation or grammar.

Pros: Great story, interesting characters, professional writing, unique ideas Cons: Nothing really worth mentioning, maybe it takes a little to get used to a lobster world but once you’re in, it’s superb

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